Skin Benefits

Skin Benefits: Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep?

We take care of skin in every approach we can. Expensive cleansers, moisturizers, facial treatments, celebrity endorsed acne products, sunscreens, peeling products, laser procedures, plastic surgery, prescriptions, antioxidants, and even diet supplements for clear, healthy, younger skin! THEN we sleep on a microscopically abrasive, bacteria laden fabric that could be damaging and traumatizing our skin all night long. Brilliant? Well not really.


The Missing Step in SKIN Care!

Amasilk Silk's is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal! This inherent quality CANNOT BE WASHED OUT!

Sleeping on a Amasilk will keep skin cleaner, greatly reducing the potential for ACNE, skin problems,infections, skin cell breakdown and premature aging due to dysfunction from bacteria. Most micro-organisms, bacteria and infections won’t be transferred and spread on or around skin.

This results in cleaner healthier looking skin! Micro abrasion and direct damage to facial skin is minimized by sleeping on a Amasilk Silk's weave and high-density thread count give a smoother non-abrasive surface decreasing nightly damage and trauma to delicate facial skin.

Skin stays in balance!

Amasilk Silk's Non Hygroscopic and Lipo-phobic properties minimize the loss of the essential natural moisture and oil leaving skin in a more normal balance while keeping those expensive creams where they belong!

If you suffer from any skin problems such as Acne, psoriasis, Rosasea, Eczema,burns, skin allergies, or have a procedure like laser resurfacing, micro-dermabrasion, exfoliation exposing new skin, it is essential to take extra precautions and keep your skin clean.

Only expose your skin to Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal, nonabrasive surfaces. Sleep on a Amasilk!

If You Care About Your Skin..... Sleep on a AMASILK!