AmaSilk  Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Silver Grey  20 x 30 in

AmaSilk Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Silver Grey 20 x 30 in

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The ocean at night with the moon shinning , light grey .. mysteriousness..intuition .. the stars in the sky . Light Grey brings a soulful meaning to life , reminds people that material things are not where importance should be. Brings reflecting of stars and allows expansion of true meaning of life and your ultimate purpose. Opens doors to deep dreams , brings inner peace , supportive for clairvoyance . Great color for bringing out natural ability of foresight.

Keep your hair healthy while you sleep! Healthy hair symbolizes youth, vitality, attractiveness and good health! We all want beautiful, luxurious hair. If you dry, flatten, color, straighten, use hair extensions and chemically treat your hair, you will be damaging and weakening the root. Your hair is also being damaged while you sleep! Studies show that when you sleep, gravity and friction against the pillowcase wreak havoc on your hair. Split ends, worn and weakened hair can get caught in common fabric, causing continuous damage every night. A split end can tear the hair shaft!

Your pillowcase can also remove the natural oils and moisture needed from your hair to maintain its healthy state and the necessary elasticity. If you have hair loss, you know that hair falls out more easily. The friction and friction of a regular pillowcase can actually "pull" weakened hair. Sleeping in an AmaSilk pillowcase is essential! We all buy special products to try to "repair" the damage or make our hair healthier and even stop hair loss ... however, one step is missing! Amasilk's state-of-the-art fabric and high density yarn count minimize pore openings, so that not even the thinnest edge of the hair can get caught in the fabric! The low friction surface allows the hair to slide over the surface, thereby reducing tangles, hair breakage and hair loss!