can improve your health?

These are the benefits you can expect by having an AMASILK®!


Keep your hair healthy while you sleep!

A full head of healthy hair symbolizes youth, vitality, and attractiveness!  Studies have shown that when you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, gravity and friction wreak havoc on your hair. Split ends, frayed and weakened hair can get caught in the weave of cotton fabric causing continual damage every night. The rubbing and friction from a regular cotton pillowcase can actually cause your weakened hair to fall out.

Your cotton pillowcase could also be causing your hair to lose the natural oils and moisture it must have to maintain its healthy elasticity.  AMASILK®  allows hair to glide over the low friction surface therefore reducing tangles, hair breakage, and hair loss! AMASILK® reduces any static so hair remains smoother without the dreaded “bed head”!  AMASILK® is Lipo-phobic and Hygroscopic so there is minimal natural moisture and oil loss keeping hair in a more healthy and balanced state. If You Care About Your HAIR.. Sleep with AMASILK®


Keep your skin cleaner!

AMASILK® is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal! This inherent quality CANNOT BE WASHED OUT!

Sleeping on a AMASILK® pillowcase will keep your skin cleaner, greatly reducing the potential for ACNE, skin problems, infections, skin cell breakdown and premature aging. Micro-organisms, bacteria and infections won’t be transferred and spread on or around skin. This results is cleaner healthier looking skin!

The AMASILK®  thread count creates a smoother non-abrasive surface decreasing nightly micro abrasion damage and trauma to delicate facial skin.  AMASILK®  minimize the loss of the essential natural moisture and oil leaving skin in a more healthy and balanced state. Another big bonus is you won’t wake up with sheet marks on your face! IF you suffer from any skin problems such as Acne, psoriasis, Rosasea, Eczema, burns, skin allergies, or have a procedure like laser resurfacing, micro- dermabrasion, exfoliation exposing new skin, it is essential to take extra precautions and keep your skin clean.

If You Care About Your Skin….. Sleep with AMASILK®!


No more allergies!

Millions of people experience allergic reactions when they sleep on cotton pillowcases. In some cases, they have a true cotton allergy. However, they may be reacting to allergens introduced into cotton fabric during its manufacture, such as formaldehyde.

Alternatively, some people who think that they are allergic to cotton may actually react to dyes applied to cotton textiles.

Detergents used to initially wash cotton fabrics may also contain allergens. These detergent allergens may adhere to the cotton fabric, where they may provoke an allergic reaction in a sensitized individual.

Dust mites are another possible cause of an allergic reaction associated with cotton pillowcases.  AMASILK® Products are made of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk which is Hypoallergenic, naturally Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial. This quality is inherent in the AMASILK® products and cannot be washed out!  People with allergies will greatly benefit with the use of AMASILK® Products.

If You Have Allergies… Sleep with AMASILK®!